3 B2B sales processes that will win you more customers.

‘B2B sales’ is short for business-to-business sales, which involves one company selling its goods/services to another company, rather than selling them directly to consumers. Indeed, generally speaking, B2B sales are more complex, require more people, and take longer than business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions.

Two variables are responsible for defining the type…

How do you decide what is a likely deal and what isn’t and how do you accelerate the sales cycle to arrive to the highly prized sales?

Over the summer, I was watched the Tour de France with fascination. In the end, a whole 155 riders out of 176 finished the Tour. This high completion rate has not always been the case in the past. In 1906, for example, only 17% of riders reached the finish and…

Karina Collis

I work with start-ups in the tech sector and coach them accelerate their sales and growth. Visit liinea.com to learn how to scale up fast and smart 📈

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